Thursday, 10 March 2016

March 10 2016
Media Arts
Facebook Cover Photo

My computer was being stubborn and wouldn't let me actually upload the image properly so I had to take a pic of the screen with my phone.

Monday, 7 March 2016

March 7 2016
Media Arts
Face Swap
                                          ORIGINAL IMAGES


March 7 2016
Media Arts
Mandalas #2

These are the rest of my mandala's I used a different image for these ones, again I will post the original image as well.

                                          ORIGINAL IMAGE

                                          MANDALAS W/ WATERMARKS

March 7th 2016
Media Arts
Mandalas #1

Here are my Mandalas, I'll post the original image with them as well.

                                        ORIGINAL PHOTO


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Animation summative

Mr. Crawford

My animation would not upload I tried it on my laptop and on the school computers I don't know if it needs to be rendered differently or why it won't work. It is unfinished but it's what I have finished up to this point.

Since it won't upload I'm leaving my USB key for you with Mrs. Voison in the office.

-Lacey Reid

Monday, 20 April 2015

Art Game Brainstorming

Media Arts
Art Video Game
Lacey Reid
Friday April 17, 2015

*A person who fits a certain category (Emo, Goth, Prep, Nerd) and something that represents the stereotype placed on them (Emo + Razor, Goth + Satanic symbol, Prep + Pom poms, Nerd + Glasses)
-Stereotypes give people a chance to unfairly judge a person based on lies before without even getting to know them
-Stereotypes give another reason for bullies to target the people around them
-Stereotypes can cause kids to be insecure with who they are resulting in them pretending to be someone they’re not
*People of all races somehow connected
-Racism has gotten out of control lately! People don’t realize that we are all human no matter what the color of our skin is.
-Racism affects everyone maybe not equally but it does have an effect on each and every person in the world
-Racism is often overlooked and ignored
*LGBT people and couples
-Homophobia is a big issue and it leads to bullying and discrimination against people who have done nothing wrong
-Homophobia makes it hard for people to come out as being gay, lesbian, bisexual etc.
-Homophobia is stupid and pointless! Why hurt someone who is just being themselves? These people were born this way and they can change who they are and they shouldn't  feel the need to.
Mental Health Awareness
*A brain each with a different mental health problem
-People don’t understand enough about mental health making it harder for kids with mental health problems to live in society today
-People get bullied for having mental health problems because others don’t understand it and they think they’re all just freaks
-People are being defined by their mental state now and that’s not right. People should only be defined by who they are on the inside not by their disabilities.
Suicide Awareness
*Facts about suicide
-Suicide is happening way too often now a days
-Kids who commit suicide often have underlying mental health problems that have gone unnoticed and untreated

-More and more kids are committing suicide and by the time people actually notice that something is wrong it’s too late to save the person

Friday, 17 April 2015

Toy Hack Reflection

Media Arts
Toy Hacking
Lacey Reid
Friday April 17, 2015

Toy Hack Reflection:
a.                  If you were to box and try to sell this item, how would you describe it and its purpose?  (3 sentences)

Punk Rock Tigger! Great toy for kids into the punk rock genre! Tigger loves to rock out to your favorite songs with you!

b.                  What do you like most about the new toy? (3 sentences)

I really like his Mohawk and the pink patch on his back. I just really like the material and how soft it is. I also like how the pink patch looks on the brown fur of the body

c.                   What do you like least about the new toy? (3 sentences)

The stitching. It not the cleanest and it’s a little too noticeable in some places. It was also really frustrating to try and sew things together with the fur and fuzz getting in the way and knotting around the thread.

d.                  What would you do if you were to re-do this assignment?  (3 sentences)

I would probably plan it out a little better, I kind of just started with the head and went from there just adding random pieces that I found, without really having a clear idea of what I wanted it to be/look like in the end. I would also try to stay away from furry/fluffy/hairy/fuzzy material because it’s a pain to sew through it when the fur/hair/fuzz/fluff keeps knotting around the thread. If I could re-do it I would also add bat wings because I really wanted to use the handles on the body to make wings but it wasn't working properly so I scrapped the idea and just stitched a pink patch to its back instead.